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HATTORI SHOKAI CO.,LTD( referred to as "company"),is well known the protection and handling of personal information,so all which is make effort to handle safely of whom engaged in business and correct personal information.

privacy policy

We obey the laws of personal information protection,in of which concerning the activities of the enterprise handled on personal information to properly manage,to protect customers's personal information protection system,the purpose of the policy as follows

1. definition of personal information
Our company believes that so-called personal information regarding the survival of individual personal information provided for the laws refering to the protection of personal information,which can be identified by name,date of birth,and other descriptions.
2. Collection, use,provision of personal information
We will clarify the purpose to customers in advance when collecting and using personal information,also will limit the use scope of collected information and deal with it properly.What's more,we won't provide the personal information to the third party without the permission of customers or laws.In addition,when providing the personal information to third party,it's only limited to necessary,and providing party should manage the personal information according to its obligations and conducting appropriate supervision.
3. respect privacy
We respects the privacy of individuals,the personal information collected by our company, which is required to be disclosed, corrected, deleted or stopped to use,we will respond within in reasonable scope and time limit.
4. obey the laws
Concerning the protection of personal information and privacy policy,we will comply with the laws and use other treatment of customer's personal information.
5. safety management measures
In order to protect improper access, tampering, disclosure, loss and damage,our company will take necessary security management measures to ensure the personal information of customers correct and updated.
6. continuous improvement
We are making effort to continuously improving the handling of personal information by implementing employee education and internal regulations.